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tv   8 News Now Good Day  CBS  November 10, 2016 4:00am-4:30am PST

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i'm kirsten joyce. ((brian loftus)) >> i'm kirsten joyce. president-elect donald trump and wife, melania, travel to washington today... to meet with president brack obama and first lady, michelle obama. the high profile meeting comes as trump and his transition team prepare to take over the white house. ((kirsten joyce)) >> but as scott mclean reports from washington d.c...the bl election has ignited angry protests throughout the country. ((scott mclean)) >> president-elect donald trump will be in washington today to meet with president obama for the first time after a pulling off a surprise election win. donald trump already owns property on pennsylvania avenue but today he will get a look inside his new residence just
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donald trump / -r- president-elect: i pledge to every citizen of our land i will president for all americans and this is so important to me. early wednesday morning trump completed what seemed like an impossible political upset to become the president-elect. a day later, the work begins. trump will meet with president obama inside the oval office to discuss the transition to power. the meeting comes just as thousands take to the streets to protest trump's election in more than two dozen cities clinton and the president, who campaigned so hard against him, say trump deserves a chance. hillary clinton / -d- former presidential candidate: donald trump is going to be our president. we owe him an open mind and the chance to lead. president obama: we are now all rooting for a success and uniting and leading the country. a peaceful transition of power is one of the hallmarks of our democracy. v.p.-elect mike pence will also
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meet privately with the first lady. just the beginning of the work ahead. tom barrack jr. / founder & exec chairman at colony capital: number one first and foremost reach out to the other side, unite this country and then create an agenda. ((scott mclean)) >> trump, along with vice president-elect pence will also meet with house speaker paul ryan today during their visit to washington, dc. from washington d.c cnn scott mclean ((brian loftus)) despite the protests country are excited about trump's win including party members right here in nevada. nevada's gop party celebrated trump's victory at the south point tuesday night. as the night wore on, the energy in the room completely changed. here's the reaction the moment it was announced that trump had taken florida. (( mike pence (off camera) >> "it is my high honor and distinct privilige to introduce to you the president elect of the united states..of america donald trump" sic
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>> suddenly, there was a feeling that - he had a chance to win. then, trump proceeded to run the table. picking up all important ohio. and, after being stuck at 254 electoral votes for over an hour - fox news refusing to call the race. ((kirsten joyce)) eventhough the republicans has control of the white house. the democrats turned nevada blue. that includes in the legislature... where both chambers flipd to democratic. politics now co-host patrick walker has more on what dems plan to do... now that they're the party in charge. ((patrick walker)) for legislative democrats... it's mission accomplished. back in march... democratic leaders announced they would take back the legislature. ((assemblywoman olivia diaz/(d) ad-11: "republicans will come back with these very obstructionist views, we don't want washington d.c. style politics coming to our state house.")) ((patrick walker)) the minority party is now the majority party. democratic leadership hopes to
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the second ranking democrat in the senate... says election reforms... education funding... and economic reforms are all on the agenda. ((st. sen. kelvin atkinson/(d) clark county: "we're not trying to set the world on fire, we're just trying to make sure that our middle class and that our citizens are continuing to see a growing economy.")) ((patrick walker)) democrats needed to win one seat to take control of the senate. they got it. and they gained 10 seats in the assembly. that exceeds the expectations former- assemblyman -- now assemblyman elect -- jason friarson laid office this spring. ((jason frierson/(d) ad-8 assemblyman-elect: "the math is on our side, there are 9 assembly seats here in clark county alone that have a democratic advantage.")) ((patrick walker)) with the help of democrats... republicans got the required 2/3 majority to pass the largest tax hike in state history... to fund education... along with an incentive packages for faraday future... and public funding for a potential nfl stadium and expansion of the convention center. atkinson hopes to see that kind of cooperation for items on the democratic agenda as well. (( st. sen. kelvin atkinson/(d) clark county:
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were able to work with the opposing party on, we just hope they show us the same respect as we try to move some of the things that we care about this session.)) ((kirsten joyce)) >> with the change in power.... republicans have one program that' needs to be worked on-- the education savings accounts. the state supreme court ruled the funding mechanism unconstitu tional... but left the door open for lawmakers to fund the program./// sherry how's the weather today? ((sherry swensk)) yesterday... hitting the record high again at 82 degrees! .....
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.......... more sunshine today and feeling great with extra mild weather continuing across most of the west. with extra mild weather ............. temps getting into the mid 70s before noon and upper 70s by lunchtime. highs up near 80 degrees this afternoon. let's take a look at the roads with demetria ((demetria obilor))
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no major delays. there's also a crash along the south beltway at jones and over on charleston and tree line,. back to you!/// ((brian loftus)) a california community
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officer. ((kirsten joyce)) >> coming up on good day we'll take a look at the funeral honoring officer rod lucas./// ((you're watching the valley's news leader... with brian loftus, kirsten joyce, sherri swensk and
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((brian loftus)) hundreds came to honor a california police officer who was accidentally shot by a fellow deputy. ((kirsten joyce)) >> 46-year-old rod lucas was accidently shot and killed on halloween. reporter connie tran was at his memorial and brings us this story. hero...sgt. rod lucas was brought into the people's church wednesday morning, to be surrounded by loved ones. (sheriff margaret mims, fresno county) "deep grief is the price we pay for deep love." fresno county sheriff margaret mims delivered the eulogy...remindi ng those in attendance that taking time to grieve rod lucas will be a long term process. (sheriff margaret mims, fresno county) "we make it through by supporting each other in every
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were shared. anthony renteria was coached in football by lucas... he talked about how lucas pushed him like a second father. (anthony renteria, friend of lucas) "he was one of the few men i could look up to without being disappointed." colleagues like deputy patrick hansen says lucas was more than just a co-worker... he was a brother. (deputy patrick hansen, fresno county) "i can't remember how many times he would tell the story about seeing jamie for the first time in college; and tell his buddy i'm going to marry that girl." lucas' wife jami didn't speak... but saying in part quote... "rod was truly the best husband a woman could ask for, and the best daddy. we miss him so much. please keep us in your prayers." (capt. clay higgins, deputy marshal for lafayette) "my brothers and sisters of the thin blue line." former louisiana sheriff's captain clay higgins was amongst those sending prayers. the outspoken officer known for his flamboyant crime stoppers television segments... sent a video message to the lucas family. when higgins visited fresno in may... the two hit it off.
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fact that i was blessed to have known him." this afternoon around four...the fresno county sheriff's dispatch broadcasted an "end of watch" for sgt. lucas... many so grateful to have known lucas... saying one last goodbye to the officer who served the valley for more than 20 years. ((kirsten joyce)) >> weeks championship win. ((brian loftus)) >> coming up on good day... see how many pounds this giant cake weighs that was made in honor of the world champs./// you're watching 8 news now good day. ((kirsten joyce))
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one of their favorite chocolate bars. loyal fans of toblerone discovered that the distance between the triangular chuncks in the chocolate bar have expanded. the extra space means less chocolate. chocolate bars that used to
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150-grams. mondelez international produces candy. they blamed rising ingredient prices for the change./// ((brian loftus)) a pair of chicago cake artists are showing that the chicago cubs' world series win is mighty sweet. take a look at this giant cake! it's made from 45 pounds of sugar, 25 pounds of chocolate and 10 pounds of rice krispies. the concoction was created by the chicago french pastry school's master sugar artist chef sunny lee, along with intern eunli cho. the cake will be presented to city council members at city hall./// sherry how's the weather today? ((sherry swensk))
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weather this week.... and now i see some cooler changes in the long term so enjoy the warmth while it's here. ........... we'll be lucky with veterans day will be glorious again. ............. and even next week will hold on... until late in the week. right now we've got temps cooling off
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........... same for outside the valley and some 60s still in laughlin. .............. high pressure sending santa ana winds offshore to really heat up the temps again to 90s at the coast. ......... wind advisory and surf advisories in place again today. ........... highs here at home will stay well above normal and even near records today. then cooler next week. let's take a look at the roads with demetria
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year's election is over. ((kirsten joyce)) >> coming up on good day.... see how one pennsylvania newstation decided to relieve some stress.//// you're watching 8 news
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brad pitt has been cleared of child abuse charges. the los angeles county department of child and family services cleared the actor after investigating a verbal and physical abuse incident. according to t-m-z... the incident happened on a private jet back in september - while pitt was intoxicated.
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for now, she has custody of their six children./// ((kirsten joyce)) after soaring back from the recession... general motors is once again making some layoffs. the car- maker plans to cut two- thousand factory jobs in january... it's the first layoffs for the company in six years. plants in ohio and michigan will be affected... they make the chevrolet cruze, camaro... and two cadillac cars. most small car models have seen slumping sales in recent years thanks to low gas prices./// ((kirsten joyce)) wae recoup some money from a failed investment. the retailer is suing 'theranos' for 140- million dollars. the once- hopeful blood- testing start- up was supposed to offer cheaper, more efficient alternatives to traditional blood tests... but a scathing report in the wall street journal called out the company's testing methods. they've since been banned from owning or operating a lab for two years. walgreens had hoped to provide testing at its stores./// ((brian loftus)) the election is over... and we're finding out some creative ways people got through
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newsroom employees are notorious for working long hours on election nights... and in philadelphia... one newsroom invited these pooches into their work spaces. the pennsylvania s-p-c-a took the pups to the newsroom... after first taking them to the polls to help de-stress voters. as you can see... for a moment at least... they brought the work in the newsroom to a complete stop!/// we'll be right back......../// ((brian loftus))
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the 80s will be slipping away. sherry has your veterans day weekend forecast. ((kirsten joyce)) >> the wake of donald trump's victory protests began across the nation... a recap of where they all took place. ((brian loftus)) >> and...hundreds protests a possible takeover of an elementary school that's going on right here in the valley. ((kirsten joyce)) 8 news now good day, the valley's news leader, starts ((now, live...this is 8 news now good day.)) (((nat pop) >> "hey, ho ho, donald trump has got to go!" (nat pop) >> "not my president, not today!" mos protester: >> "i need you. chicago needs you. we all need you. this country needs you." )) ((brian loftus)) >> protesters are calling for hillary clinton to challenge tuesday's presidential election results after losing to donald trump. ((kirsten joyce)) >> while president elect


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